Welcome to iDesign Furniture

Reconfigurable Fine Furniture for Your Changing Needs

Pieces Welcome to  iDesign Furniture, the home of a revolutionary approach to furniture.  

Have you ever refrained from making a furniture purchase due to uncertainty about the future -- such as the purchase of a new TV, a relocation, etc.  Or, have you ever made a furniture purchase and later realized that your new purchase "just didn't fit" the room?  Did you return it?  Did you just internalize your buyer's remorse?  

With iDesign Furniture changing needs and preferences are problems of the past.  You see, iDesign Furniture is truly reconfigurable.  You may have some notions about what iDesign "must be".  And unless you have seen iDesign Furniture, your ideas are likely  based upon the same paradigms of existing "modular" or "configurable" furniture products.  However, iDesign Furniture is like nothing you have seen before, and we believe that the iDesign concept addresses fundamental and inherent flaws in all previous designs which assume that your needs are static, and your requirements generic.  

iDesign is furniture that you design and build to exactly match your needs and preferences.  And as your needs change, you can modify your furniture to meet your new requirements, or you may completely transform it into a new piece of furntire.  

And, no, you don't need to be a handyman.  In fact, and no tools are required, ever.

And, yes, iDesign is fine furniture and will look great with the other fine furniture in your home.